Smart Fluids

Shaping a more livable world

Our company

Smart Fluids  is an Italian company: we develop solutions for environment sanitizing and water purification.

Managed by dynamic and enterprising owners, supported by a staff of qualified technicians and engineers, We focus on air and surface sanitization and water purification with innovative, green and cutting-edge products.

Our mission

Improving people’s quality of life

Our mission is firmly improving people’s quality of life with eco-sustainable solutions designed and adapted to different local conditions.

From the new smart cities and the most populated megalopolis, to remote desert settlements to the most isolated rural areas, to ensure the vital needs and thus to meet the new standards of coexistence in the workplace, for logistics services and transport .

The world population has reached the 7.4 billion mark. Every day, these people travel, work and relate to each other. How can we prevent the proliferation of viruses, diseases and pathogens that can be dangerous to health?


2.2 billion people (1 in 3) in the world do not have access to potable water.

Kelly Ann Naylor, UNICEF’s Associate Director for Water and Sanitation, said: “Children and their families in poor and rural communities are the ones most at risk of being left behind. Governments must invest in their communities, if we want to overcome these economic and geographical differences and we want to guarantee this fundamental human right.”


We develop solutions for the environment disinfection and water purification

We never know the value of water as long as the well is dry.
Thomas Fuller


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