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Fogger: the environmental disinfection system

Fixed and mobile disinfecting system

Fogger is a disinfecting system based on the Dry Fog technology, available in fixed and mobile solutions.

Fogger is effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms: bacteria, fungi, viruses and other contaminants.

Fogger, thanks to the Smart Fluid technology, saturates the environment where it is applied and reaches inaccessible surfaces and areas. In so doing, it ensures a complete sanitization.

Fogger Environmental Disinfection

Fogger Mobile System

What characterizes the system and makes it probably unique in the panorama of other solutions on the market can be summarized in 2 main points.

In a few minutes Fogger is able to saturate the environment to be treated by means of a dry fog that does not wet and therefore does not impact materials and surfaces, covering even the most remote corners with a film that starts immediately its disinfectant action.

Immediate access to the environment after only 5 minutes due to the non-toxicity of the liquid used.

Each disinfection cycle is repeatable, controlled, traced and certified. The integrated NFC system guarantees the traceability of the operator, the environment and the disinfectant liquid.

against covid19 certified

Each disinfecting cycle is REPEATABLE, GUARANTEED, CERTIFIED and TRACEABLE. (Certificate EN 14476: 2013 + A2: 2019 / UNI EN 14476: 2019 – Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics for evaluation of virucidal activity in the Covid-19 area / European Regulation EU No. 528/2012.) 528/2012.)

Fogger Fixed System

Fixed versions of Fogger are customized and dimensioned according to the characteristics of the environment, the number of rooms and the specific needs of the customer.

The high level of automation guarantees CONTROL, TRACEABILITY AND CERTIFICATION of the disinfection process.

The fixed system reduces the time by making the disinfection activity more efficient by drastically lowering the costs related to labor (while protecting the operators but eliminating the risk related to the human factor) and allowing the investment to be quickly amortized.


The software automatically performs the disinfecting operations in relation to the volume of the environment to be treated and the conditions of humidity and temperature.

Software can be operated remotely or directly from the user interface. The touch panel is smart and user friendly. SMART FLUIDS has a proprietary platform for the remote assistance.

Disinfection certificates are downloadable via QR code or automatically sent at the administrator email address.


Fogger is equipped with two NFC (near field communication) readers which guarantee the automatic identification of the environment to be disinfected, of the disinfectant liquid and the operator thus tracking each cycle and releasing the relevant certification.

Fogger is disinfecting

What’s the difference between CLEANING, SANITIZING and DISINFECTING?

Fogger is based on a DRY FOG TECHNOLOGY

What’s the difference between a NEBULIZATION and a DRY FOG?

FOGGER is using MicroOxigerm

MicroOxigerm is a certified biocidal natural product, atossic and alchool free,

tested and certified against Covid19.

View certification →

hand sanitization is also important

which is why Smart Fluids has also brought on the market:

The Punisher

Specially formulated instant sanitizer gel for one deep hand hygiene.

  • No Alcohol
  • It contains biodegradable substances
  • Over 99% of natural origin
  • Contains active ingredients with emollient and moisturizing properties
  • Free of allergens

Powered bymicro OXI gel

Smart Fluids, in addition to Disinfection, offers Biological Risk Analysis.

The COVID-19 epidemic has caused a GLOBAL HEALTH EMERGENCY, increasing the need to activate practices in an ever more specific way prevention of biological risk and sanitation of environments

Before carrying out a disinfection it is necessary:

  • make a BIOLOGICAL RISK ASSESSMENT on the specific situation
  • define an INTERVENTION PROCEDURE(frequency, concentration and type of sanitizing liquid, timing)
  • define the VERIFICATIONS to guarantee the success

FOGGER is based on DRY-FOG (dry fog) technology:

The atomization of the DISINFECTANT, BIOCIDAL, NON-TOXIC AND PATENTED solution guarantees a wide spectrum of action against bacteria, fungi, viruses and other contaminants, without wetting and damaging surfaces and objects, saturating the environment, and reaching inaccessible areas.

Verification analyzes are performed based on environments and risk, with portable equipment for immediate feedback and / or with accredited laboratories which issue specific certificates.

SMART FLUIDS releases a SPECIALIST REPORT for environmental disinfection with FOGGER, containing the procedure used, the results of the analyzes (with certificate of successful and correct disinfection) and the recommended procedure for the subsequent phases.

Intervention Procedure

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